Spring and summer new wedding dress trailing Europe and the United States foreign trade chest tube tail tail waist fishtail lace retro bride

$280.50 $599
size bust

Bust adjustable range


Waist adjustable range

S 82cm(2 feet 4)

Change to 77cm, change to 84cm

64cm (1 feet 9)

86cm(2 feet 5)

Change to 82cm, change to 89cm

68cm(2 ffeet 改小到64cm,改大到72cm
L 90cm(2 feet 6)

Change to 86cm, change to 95cm


Change to 68cm, change to 76cm

XL 94cm(2尺7)

Change to 80cm, change to 98cm


Change to 72cm, change to 80cm

XXL 98cm(2 feet8)

Change to 94cm, change to 102cm


Change to 76cm, change to 84cm

Due to different measurement methods, there may be an error within the allowable range of 1-3CM. 33CM=1 feet

Each size of the wedding dress has a contraction seam of about 3-5CM. If the size is slightly inappropriate, the pros only need to go to the local tailor shop, open the shrink seam, zoom in or out, it's very simple, as long as it is The tailor will change!

The price marked is the unit price of the clothing, excluding the accessories worn by the model, gloves, skirts, veil, the model on the picture is the effect of wearing a skirt, this shop has a wedding accessories package (gym gloves skirt) recommended together With the purchase

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